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Member Association of Agape Communities

Purpose Statement

Agape Durango is a 501c3 nonprofit and an independent spiritual community dedicated to recognizing, honoring and nurturing the dignity and uniqueness of all people.  Through New Thought/Ageless Wisdom teachings, we provide an environment for individual and collective spiritual transformation. Dedicated to spiritual practice, sacred service and unconditional love, we are simply here for God.

Covid Agape Durango  in the Garage

About Agape Durango

People from around the world of many spiritual backgrounds have gathered in Durango, CO and the surrounding area. Besides coming for the natural beauty of the mountains, rivers and sunsets, many are discovering a deeply personal reason for being here. In addition to an individual purpose, many have felt that they were being brought together for a significant collective purpose. In 1996 a group of us began to gather, using Michael Bernard Beckwith Life Visioning Process of group meditation to discover what was seeking to unfold through us. Over the years we have continued gathering, meditating and discovering more about ourselves and what we are creating together for the benefit of individuals and the planet.

Agape Durango grew out of the desire to be spiritually fed by the message of a modern mystic & great spiritual teacher, Michael Bernard Beckwith and the music of Agape created under the leadership of singer- songwriter Rickie Byars, which is now directed by singer - songwirter Marianne Lewis. Agape Durango began meeting in the late 90’s when we began to  listen to and discuss the weekly Agape International Sunday service cassette tapes then CDs. In 2010, when live-streaming began, Agape Durango became the first community to begin streaming as our weekly spiritual service together as a  spiritual community.

Agape Durango became an independent 501c3 non-profit and expanded into offering workshops, concerts, sacred service, festivals and events. Agape Durango continues to use Beckwith’s Life Visioning process as a collective creative process for the evolution of the community.

Agape Durango Appreciating Rev. Michael

Agape Durango at Rickie BB's RAJ
Festival, on our way to Nepal


Fun at an Agape Durango event

Robert Mirabal & Fabian at Rhythm & Soul 2010

Jami Lula in Concert at Agape Durango

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