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Rhythm & Soul purpose as it came through:

The Rhythm & Soul Festival will begin with a Native American ceremony honoring our ancestors, the land,

and all life in the world. We acknowledge that we are here at this important time on the planet,

to activate a powerful new way of being within ourselves, with each other in community, and in the world!
The entire festival: this sacred location, the performers & schedule, are based on frequency activations and alignments allowing individuals to step into their full potential and deliver their gifts in an uncertain world. Similar to breathing the scent of a fresh flower, the frequencies will become available to all on the planet.

People will have a greater sense of knowing they are OK

powerfully moving forward in their unique role at this significant time of transformation.


Rhythm & Soul Festival 2017 Video by Kent Tompkins:
Nahko: Encore to Rhythm & Soul:
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