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The Rhythm & Soul 2017 was created, in meditation through Michael Bernard Beckwith’s Life Visioning process, to fulfill a powerful purpose.









The new life-giving frequency now available in the atmosphere was activated, then expanded and anchored with the powerful sharing of each performer: the Friday morning sacred sound activation ceremony with a small group including Michael Beckwith and Rickie Byars Beckwith, the cleansing soft rain on Friday evening and Saturday morning, a flock of vultures began circling clockwise overhead creating an opening of sunshine just over the festival grounds.


It was during the final performance that the full purpose was complete. Through the interplay of the crowd singing with Nahko, the energy on site suddenly shifted, shooting straight up to the stars! We were serenading the higher realms and as they joined the chorus the frequency opened outward impacting the atmosphere of the entire planet. Then in Nahko’s encore medley, beginning with his HOKA prayer: Directions and including portions of Aloha ke Kuah, the Sirius Living Light frequency became clear for all on the planet. As the expanding energy came back down toward the planet, it began to settle in with the ancient ones of the land joining in a traditional native dance ceremony in all directions. Nahko’s final phrase gently merged the energy from above and the Native American vibration from the land below.

The message for all: “It is done! All is now clear for life to move forward with love flowing. Breathe and know love is clear, honor is known. Go forward and be blessed.”

Much love and gratitude to all that shared in this powerful event: the artists, sponsors, vendors, volunteers and attendees!!! The generosity of heart shared by each person was incredible. A special Thank You to the festival site neighbors and the town of Mancos!


Rhythm & Soul purpose as it came through:

The Rhythm & Soul Festival will begin with a Native American ceremony honoring our ancestors, the land, a

nd all life in the world. We acknowledge that we are here at this important time on the planet,

to activate a powerful new way of being within ourselves, with each other in community, and in the world!
The entire festival: this sacred location, the performers & schedule, are based on frequency activations and alignments allowing individuals to step into their full potential and deliver their gifts in an uncertain world. Similar to breathing the scent of a fresh flower, the frequencies will become available to all on the planet.

People will have a greater sense of knowing they are OK

powerfully moving forward in their unique role at this significant time of transformation.


Rhythm & Soul Festival 2017 Video by Kent Tompkins:
Nahko: Enchor to Rhythm & Soul: