Aluminum Art Image of Michael B. Beckwith

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A Distribution Center of Light Activation:

This portrait of Michael Bernard Beckwith is a print in aluminum of an original 2.5 dimensional aluminum art portrait by artist Dave Claussen based on a photo taken by _______. Both Claussen & ____ were not aware that Beckwith in this image was standing on what he calls his "Power Spot", a location he had been regularly meditating for 10 years while creating Agape International Spiritual Center.

Both the aluminum print and the original art literally pulsate with clear multi-faceted Spiritual Light frequencies. This portrait significantly enhances meditation and is a perfect gift for anyone stepping forward in their full potential. The frequencies radiating from the image are continuing to increase as Beckwith’s consciousness continues to expand.

Claussen created this portrait technique through his ability capture the essence of an individual by finding the balance of light and dark while hand cutting silver aluminum. The cut silver pieces are then welded as an overlay on a black aluminum background.

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